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Milton Doug Hiteshew Memorial Scholarship Program

Application Deadline: May 1, 2023

Patient Financial Assistance Program

The Hemophilia Foundation of Maryland (HFM) Patient Financial Assistance Program is part of HFM’s continuing effort to improve the quality of life for individuals and families affected by bleeding disorders. This program provides funds to eligible individuals and families who need assistance with:

  • Expenses incurred in the care and treatment of a bleeding disorder, and/or

  • Basic living expenses emergencies.

Note: This program is intended to help individuals and families who have exhausted all other sources of assistance and for whom no other funds are available.

Additional Patient Assistance Resources: (Contact HFM for more information)

HFA Helping Hands (Please reach out to HFM for a referral)

Colburn Keenan Foundation (Please reach out to HFM for a referral letter)

PSI Inc. (Insurance/Copayment Assistance)

PAN Foundation

MedicAlert Services

MedicAlert services ensure that emergency responders and hospital staff get your up-to-date medical information the moment they need it so they can make informed decisions about your treatment and care. MedicAlert has several types of memberships. Please visit for more information.

HFM will help cover the cost of MedicAlert services up to $50. To receive assistance individuals must receive prior approval by emailing or calling the HFM office at 410-661-2307 and then submitting a receipt for reimbursement to the HFM office within 60 days of purchasing MedicAlert.

Healthy Joints Initiative


It is important for individuals with bleeding disorders to participate in some form of physical activity. Being physically active helps to strengthen one’s muscles, bones, and joints. One of the many benefits of having a strong, healthy body can be a reduction in the number of joint bleeding episodes an individual might experience.

HFM provides grant funding for bleeding disorder patients to enroll in physical activities such as swimming, yoga, golf, etc. 

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