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About Us


The Hemophilia Foundation of Maryland (HFM) is a Nonprofit Organization, which devotes its efforts to improving the quality of life for persons affected with bleeding disorders and their complications. This mission is accomplished through outreach development, educational programs, informational literature, support services and patient referrals. HFM is a proud member of the Hemophilia Federation of America.

Our History

The Hemophilia Foundation of Maryland evolved in the early 1950’s from a group of concerned moms whose sons were affected with Hemophilia. They were soon joined by men from the community who were also affected. These early chapter families were brought together by the social worker at St. Agnes Hospital, where most were treated. As the HIV crisis unfolded, the chapter formed. Some of the founding members of this organization continue to guide HFM today.

Our Vision

  • To find a cure for hemophilia.

  • To find funding to support expanded research efforts.

  • To assist persons with hemophilia and/or related bleeding disorders within the state of Maryland and surrounding areas.

  • To advocate for a safe and adequate blood supply for all.

  • To educate the public about hemophilia as well as other bleeding disorders and related problems.

  • To provide crucial information to our membership, patients, families and medical professionals.

  • To provide opportunities for children with bleeding disorders to attend a camp that is dedicated to bleeding disorders.

  • To help provide comprehensive care and treatment for patients with bleeding disorders in coordination with our local hemophilia treatment centers

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