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Policy & Advocacy

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Advocacy is a key part of the mission of the Hemophilia Foundation of Maryland (HFM). HFM works to educate elected officials and other key stakeholders about hemophilia and other related inherited bleeding disorders. Every year HFM hosts our Advocacy Training and Maryland Days where constituents from around the state gather for training and meetings with their elected state officials to share their story and educate them about current issues affecting the hemophilia/bleeding disorders community. HFM also participates in the National Hemophilia Foundation’s annual Washington Days. This event provides an opportunity for constituents from across the nation to come together to learn about advocacy, discuss key issues impacting access to care, meet with elected officials, and put a face on hemophilia/bleeding disorders.

Advocacy happens every day and there are many ways to participate in advocacy activities throughout the year, including:

  • Writing letters to your elected officials regarding proposed changes to law or regulations

  • Meeting with other state decision-makers, including state departments of insurance and Medicaid agencies

  • Educating health plans about the needs of the bleeding disorders community

  • Educating schools and employers about the needs of the bleeding disorders community

  • Advocating to your health care provider about your unique health care needs

If you are interested in learning more about advocacy and becoming a better advocate, take a few moments to explore the tools and resources below.

Remember to check this page regularly for updates on advocacy issues and healthcare coverage.

You and your stories can help us make a difference!



Email HFM at to be added to our advocacy list.  

Engage with elected officials to advance policies that support patients.


Stay informed via text alert of the latest policy issues impacting patients and get connected to simple actions you can take to make a difference.


Your story is the most powerful took we can deploy to convince lawmakers to take action on behalf of patients.

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State & Federal Resources

State Resources

If you are seeking information on advocacy at the state level, visit the following websites:

Federal Resources

If you are seeking information on advocacy at the federal level, visit the following websites:

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