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Dental Resources

Dental Resources & Information for Individuals with a Bleeding Disorder

Letter to Dental Office

NHF Steps for Living Dental Care Resources

Johns Hopkins Hemophilia Treatment Center Dental Resources & Information for Individuals with a Bleeding Disorder

Dental Procedures & Expenses

Ask your dental provider to coordinate with your HTC to develop a safe & appropriate treatment plan before any invasive procedure. IMPORTANT: Allow ample time (preferably multiple weeks) for the HTC to develop a plan with your provider and for you to obtain prescribed coagulation medications prior to procedure.

To avoid unnecessary costs, contact your insurance company BEFORE a procedure to see if a PRIOR AUTHORIZATION is needed. NOTE: It can sometimes take a week or two to obtain prior authorization. IV Coagulation Medication. If you normally infuse factor/medication at home, when planning a procedure that may require a provider to administer IV medication, ask your insurance company if this will impact your out-of-pocket cost.

Oral or Topical Coagulation Medications can be expensive with high co pays. For cost saving options see the Hemophilia Federation of America, ask your pharmacist, or call Amicar eVoucherRx Program 1-844-202-5909.

Dental Coverage for Children is presently an “essential health benefit” under the Affordable Care Act (ACA), which means it must be available for purchase in ACA Marketplaces.

All qualified health plans in Maryland Health Connections cover dental services for children. The ACA does not require insurers to offer adult dental coverage.

Maryland Medical Assistance (MA)/Medicaid/REM Children & Pregnant Women over age 21 with Maryland MA and Adults enrolled in Rare and Expensive Case Management (REM) are provided Dental Services by Maryland Healthy Smiles

Dental Program “Healthy Smiles” is administered by Scion Dental, Inc. Some covered services: exams, cleanings, fillings, braces for children (if medically necessary, with prior authorization). Find more information at Adults age 21+ with Priority Partners Maryland MA are provided dental services through DentaQuest. For details or to find a dentist visit or call 1-800-698-9611

Healthy Smiles & DentaQuest do not cover oral surgery requiring general anesthesia in an operating room With prior authorization, Maryland MA may pay for a needed hospitalization after a dental procedure.

Dental Coverage for Adults age 21 and older with Maryland MA and REM is limited. There are less covered dental services and providers who treat adults with Maryland MA and even fewer specialty providers such as oral surgeons. Cost Saving for Wisdom Tooth Extraction or Oral Surgery with Maryland MA or REM Complete needed oral surgery before age 21, obtain needed prior authorizations, ask your oral surgeon if he/she can use outside films from a general dentist, consider purchasing secondary dental insurance in preparation for a planned oral surgery (check for policy restrictions or exclusions). Medicare Medicare Does NOT Cover Most Dental Care like cleanings, fillings, tooth extractions, dentures, dental plates, or other devices.

For more information visit Medicare Part A (Hospital Insurance) may pay for certain dental services received when hospitalized and may pay for inpatient hospital care if needing emergency or complicated dental procedures.

Some Private Medicare Health Plans Offer Dental Coverage. Check to see what services your private plan covers.

Consider Purchasing a Medicare Health Plan or Advantage Plan that offers dental coverage. NOTE: Some Advantage Plans do not participate with Johns Hopkins HTC. Call 410-955-3000 to confirm before purchasing.

To Find a Free or Reduced-Cost Dental Clinic in your area visit:

Personalized Medicare Insurance Counseling is available from the Maryland Department of Aging – State Health Insurance Assistance Program (SHIP) 1-800-243-3425/410-767-1100 or visit

HTC Dental Resources & Information for Individuals with a Bleeding Disorder who Don’t Have Dental Insurance? 

Find Free or Sliding Scale Dental Clinics at HRSA Information Center 1–888–Ask–HRSA (1–888–275–4772)

Individuals with HIV may be eligible for a Ryan White Grant to pay for dental needs (not implants) performed at a federally approved center such as Johns Hopkins Hospital or the University of Maryland School of Dentistry.

Buy a Dental Plan to meet your needs directly from insurance companies or online. For help finding dental plan call (855) 642-8572 or Maryland Health Connection 1-877-223-5201

NOTE: ACA tax credits, subsidies, and out of pocket limits do not apply to dental benefits.

TIPS: Check all plan benefits carefully before purchasing. Dental plans can provide coverage at variable rates depending on procedures. For example, a plan may cover procedures at 100% Preventative, 80% Basic, 50% Major. Plans categorize similar procedures differently. For example, one plan may have deep cleaning and/or simple extractions under Basic Procedures, while another plan could list them as Major Procedures. Plans will have an annual maximum of what they will cover and may have a deductible. Some plans may have up to a 1 year wait period before covering major dental work. Beware of a “Missing Tooth Clause” that excludes any procedure related to any missing teeth at the time of enrollment (bridge, denture, crown….). Discount dental plans offer a one-time low cost flat fee for a 1, 2, or 3-year plan that then might charge significantly reduced fees per dental procedure. You May be Eligible for Premium and/or Co Pay Assistance or a Bleeding Disorder Grant. Contact your HTC social worker to find out if you are eligible for financial assistance for dental care.

Find a Dental Provider

Contact Your Insurance to Find a Participating Provider For Trouble Finding a Provider willing to treat you or your child due to a bleeding diagnosis, call your HTC. University of Maryland School of Dentistry (UMSOD) provides general and specialty dental care for children and adults. Johns Hopkins HTC nurse coordinator and social worker work closely with UMSOD on medical and billing needs for HTC patients. Alert UMSOD staff about a bleeding diagnosis and contact the HTC to initiate care coordination. NOTE: If you have not been seen at UMSOD clinic in the last 12 months, you may need to schedule a new patient appointment which can take many months. Contact HRSA Information Center to find a free or sliding scale dental clinic 1–888–Ask–HRSA (1–888–275–4772) Maryland Medical Assistance Provider Search or Questions Maryland Medical Assistance 1-800-492-5231 Maryland Health Benefits Exchange Consolidated Service Center 1-855-642-8572 TTY (855) 642-8573 Maryland Healthy Smiles Dental Program 1-855-934-9812 Rare and Expensive Medical Case Management Program (REM) 1-800-565-8190 DentaQuest 1-800-698-9611

The providers listed below have some experience treating patients with bleeding disorders or are willing to work with the HTC to manage bleeding risks for new or existing patients. Patients/caregivers are responsible for initiating contact between the HTC and their chosen dental provider.

Pediatric Dentists

  • Edward L. Ginsberg, DDS, FAAPD Catonsville: 410-788-4555 Accepts REM and Priority Partners Ellicott City: 410-203-2410 Eldersburg: 410-549-1212 Now at Johns Hopkins one day per week.

Family or Adult Dentists

  • Allegiance Dental Associates, Dr. Danny Hoch 410-670-3376 2021A Emmorton Rd Ste 222, Bel Air, MD 21015 Accepts MA for children and pregnant women only. (Hrs: Mon 8-5, Tues 11-8, Wed 8-5 alternately 11-8, Th. 8-3 or later sometimes, Fri 8-12)

  • Annapolis Family Dental 410.268.7737 David Sampson, DMD General Family Dentist

  • Johns Hopkins Dental Clinic 410-955-6663/6664 2 general dentists - does not accept medical assistance

  • Richard McCann, D.M.D, P.A Family General and Cosmetic Dentistry 410-546-9940 31413 Winterplace Pkwy, Ste 101 Salisbury, MD 21804

  • University of Maryland School of Dentistry (UMSOD) 650 W. Baltimore St. 21201 Pediatric Dentistry 410-706-4216 Serves new patients up to age 17 HTC Nurse will coordinate care with Tyleane 410-706-3225

  • Clinic Special Care Services 410-706-7039 Serves patients age 18+ 650 W Baltimore St. 21201 Room 1-305 Plus Clinic 410-706-8467 fax: 410-706-0519 Serves adults with HIV

The providers listed below have some experience treating patients with bleeding disorders or are willing to work with the HTC to manage bleeding risks for new or existing patients. Patients/caregivers are responsible for initiating contact between the HTC and their chosen dental provider.

Oral Surgeons

  • Dr David Bastacky (Wednesdays only) 410-955-2116 600 N Wolfe Street Blalock Building, Suite 266 May accept: Delta Dental, Carefirst, United Concordia, possibly others, not MA. Ryan White Funding covers 100% for Oral Surgery at JHH for eligible patients with HIV who are non-city residents- Contact The Moore Clinic at Johns Hopkins

  • Larry W. Bryant, D.D.S., PA Oral Surgeon 301-249-0553 12200 Annapolis Rd Ste 236 Glenn Dale, MD 20769

  • Chesapeake Oral Surgery Associates 410-647-0079 fax: 410-647-7405 Richard B. Garden, DDS 555 Benfield Rd. Severna Park, MD 21146

  • Johns Hopkins Hospital DCB Associates Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery 410-955-2116 Additional Resources HTC Nurse Practitioner- Kim Drucis, NP 410-614-0834 Available to coordinate treatment plans for dental procedures with providers and patients HTC Social Worker – Kim Winship, LCSW-C 410-614-0833 Available for consultation regarding costs and access to dental care.

This packet was designed to help individuals with bleeding disorders overcome obstacles to dental care. Information is for guidance only, not to be replaced by medical recommendations.  Some information was gathered as early as March 2016 and is not updated on a regular basis.  Please verify details prior to making decisions regarding dental care.  Listed providers have treated at least one individual, or are willing to treat individuals with a bleeding disorder, but may not be experts in treating this population.  It is each person’s responsibility to confirm their chosen provider communicates with the HTC to obtain personalized recommendations for bleed management prior to all procedures. Please use caution and always consult your medical team and HTC when deciding on a dental service. The Maryland Hemophilia Treatment Center at Johns Hopkins University and affiliates are not responsible for personal decisions made by anyone referencing this packet.

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