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Meet the HFM Team

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Emma Miller

Executive Director

Emma has been the Executive Director of HFM since 1996. Her husband was a severe hemophiliac who passed away in 1994 during the Hemophilia/HIV epidemic.  She has one son and two daughters. Her daughters are hemophilia carriers.  She also has a nephew with severe hemophilia.  She is a staunch advocate for the bleeding disorder community with the biggest heart.  The HFM community is her family.

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Jamie Edwards

Assistant Executive Director

Jamie is Emma's daughter.  Her father was a severe hemophiliac and she is a hemophilia carrier.  She pours her heart into HFM programming and is a dedicated resource for HFM families.


William Hoffman, Esq.


William has a son with Hemophilia A. He is employed by the Department of Education and is a retired Naval Officer. William is an excellent advocate at the state and federal level for hemophilia families. He’s also a pretty awesome Race to Stop the Bleeding Master of Ceremonies!


Natasha Burroughs

Vice President

Natasha is the mother of five children. Two of her sons have severe hemophilia, while both she and her daughter have mild hemophilia. She is employed by the DC Metro. Natasha has actively contributed to HFM for over 15 years. She consistently extends a warm welcome to new families attending HFM events and has been a mentor to newly diagnosed families within the organization for many years. Natasha is always the first to volunteer whenever HFM requires assistance at events, making her an invaluable asset to the HFM Board.​


Shanika Jordan


Shanika is the mother of four children (three girls and one boy). Her son, Roland, has severe hemophilia B, and she also has a grandson with the same condition. Before Roland's diagnosis, Shanika's family had no known history of hemophilia, making his initial diagnosis quite a surprise. However, she quickly adapted and learned about managing the condition. Now, 21 years later, her son has successfully graduated from college with a Business degree. Shanika has actively participated as a member of the Hemophilia Foundation of Maryland for over 20 years.​

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Annette Maurits

Honorary Board Member

Annette has served on the HFM Board for as long as anyone can remember. She is one of HFM’s founding members and is very well respected within the bleeding disorder community. Annette is a hemophilia carrier and has an adult son with severe hemophilia. Since her son’s diagnosis, she has been a staunch advocate for our community. She is fair, knowledgeable, and always willing to lend a hand.

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Elizabeth Reimer

Board Member

Elizabeth is the mom of three wonderful boys, one of whom has hemophilia. She is a Harvard graduate and has been an active member of the Hemophilia Foundation of Maryland for many years. She and her family are huge supporters of the HFM Race to Stop the Bleeding. Elizabeth and her family are always willing to lend a hand.


Adam Smith

Board Member

Adam is married to Ashley Smith, and together, they have five beautiful children. Their son, Matthew, was diagnosed with hemophilia and vWD followed by their two daughters' diagnoses with vWD. Adam has been a devoted HFM member for many years and is the HFM Bull & Oyster Roast chair.

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