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On the Road to Self Infusion

Hemophilia Foundation of Maryland along with the help of several of our fantastic community members put together a series of videos to assist you and/or your child with navigating the road to self infusion. 

The first independent, self-infusion is monumental for a child with hemophilia. And, it is also a process that cannot be hastened.  Children will advance at their own pace with encouragement and positive reinforcement. When your child is able to infuse independently for the first time, please contact the HFM office so we can present your child with their Big Stick Award in celebration of this huge accomplishment.

Thank you to the following for making this infusion series possible! 

  • Bruce Durham

  • Ryan Vincent Ford

  • Christian Harris

  • Brian Scherzo

 View videos by clicking on the below links: 

Main Video

Follow Up Videos in this Series:  

This video series was designed to help individuals with bleeding disorders overcome obstacles to self infusion. Information is for guidance only, not to be replaced by medical recommendations.  The Hemophilia Foundation of Maryland and affiliates are not responsible for personal decisions made by anyone referencing this video series. 

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