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Hemophilia Foundation of Maryland

The Hemophilia Foundation of Maryland (HFM) is a Nonprofit Organization, which devotes its efforts to improving the quality of life for persons affected with bleeding disorders and their complications. This mission is accomplished through outreach development, educational programs, informational literature, support services and patient referrals. HFM is a proud member of the Hemophilia Federation of America.​


HFM serves individuals with bleeding disorders and their families across the entire state of Maryland, including suburban Maryland families. HFM also provides services to patients residing outside of Maryland but receiving treatment at the Johns Hopkins Hemophilia Treatment Center.


For more information, please email

Upcoming Events

We love seeing you!  Join HFM at the following upcoming events!  To rsvp, please email or telephone 410-661.2307.


2023 Exceptional Specialty Pharmacy Partners


Cottrill's Pharmacy

Tony Tezak
Phone:  717-480-8008

Evelyn Tezak
Phone:  717-557-6004

DrugCo Health_edited_edited_edited.png

DrugCo Health

Ryan Melton
Patient Advocate
Phone:  443-852-9873

Carletha Gates, PhD, HS-BCP
Vice President Patient Advocacy
Phone:  301-728-4835

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